About Mitchell

rrrrrrr-80x80 Born in NYC, raised in Westport, Ct., Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC. holds B.A. in ancient literature from Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Antioch-New England Graduate School, Keene, NH.  Mitchell graduated from the Summer Latin Institute with advanced graduate training in Latin upon completing college.  

Mitchell graduated from the Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in its second graduating class, marking the very beginning of acupuncture being taught in the U.S. He was among the first group of acupuncturists in New York who were not M.D.’s to sit for the NYS exam and become licensed.

Mitchell holds a Certificate of Completion from Eastern Institute of  Neuro-linguistic Programming. He further studied hypnotherapy with Paul Lounsbury and Nancy Winston in NYC who both trained with and were certified by the internationally-renowned founder of hypnotherapy, Dr. Milton Erickson in Tucson, AZ.  Mitchell has also been a student of theater at Bard, psychodrama and movement & music therapy at the Institute of Sociotherapy.

Mitchell has also studied live-blood cell microscopy, herbs, nutrition, holistic practices and mind-body practices such as Qi-Gong, Alexander Technique and T’ai-Chi Chuan.

Having come from a business-oriented family, Mitchell expressed his entrepreneurial and business skills beginning in his teens, producing rock and jazz concerts for on behalf of local charities.  When he was 18, he was asked to produce a fund-raising concert for the McGovern for President Campaign.  The success of this concert with renowned jazz flutist Herbie Mann and Dave Brubeck’s son’s quintet, led to his being asked to head up charity concerts for the State of Ct. by the head of the national entertainment committee for the McGovern campaign, the popular actor Warren Beatty. Alan Arkin, his wife and french horn player Don Elliott helped Mitchell with the radio promotion of the benefit concert.

 In the 1990’s, Mitchell helped to found several companies involved in energy-efficiency technologies and green, social enterprise businesses.  He has also been a consultant to CEO’s of several start-up companies.

Mitchell has been in private practice based on NYC since 1980, seeing individuals, couples and families, with a specialty in couples coaching and counseling.  He has had clients on several continents, doing consultations via by phone and on skype. In his work in Stress Management, Mitchell uses a bio-feedback software program called The LIFE System to help resolve imbalances in the body and mind, as well as between business partners, marriage partners and families.mitchell-writing

Mitchell has been leading workshops in Therapeutic Theater, Stress Management, Journaling as a Spiritual Discipline, Qi-Gong & Health, and a teacher running retreats since 2004 in NY, Sedona, AZ., Ashland, OR and Winston-Salem, NC.

In 1989, Mitchell founded and was Director of the Center for Creative Well-Being, a popular Stress Reduction Center in NY (1989-1993) using floatation tanks and other relaxation and performance-enhancing modalities.

Mitchell was also a pioneer in the use of a sophisticated quantum-level of bio-feedback in the 1990’s, which he uses to this day in stress management sessions with his clients.

An international speaker and workshop leader,, Mitchell is also producer and host of A Better World Radio & TV, both based in NYC, which is a forum for education, upliftment and inspiration. Mitchell has given talks in Holland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, moderated panels and MC’d conferences in Holland as well as different parts of the U.S.

Mitchell is known and enjoyed by many from his work with them in a consulting capacity, from his teaching over the decades and from his hosting the popular Manhattan-based Cable TV interview show on weekly since 1993 and A Better World Radio originally on Progressive Radio Network and currently on Blog Talk Radio since 2006.2008-08-19-radio-studio-211-150x1501-80x80

Mitchell has been teaching holistic stress management/conflict resolution and meditation workshops since 1990 with radio celebrity, nutritionist and researcher Dr.Gary Null. He has been an expert speaker in about half dozen of Gary’s PBS documentaries produced since the mid-90’s up to the present. Some of the other experts in these documentaries have been Dr. Bruce Lipton, Debbie Ford, Dr. Henry Grayson, Chris Hedges and many others.  

Mitchell facilitates A Better World workshops in NYC, L.I. and Chicago, in which energy and stress management techniques, communications and group process helps its participants clear generationally-held conflicts and let go of issues holding them back for years.  Role-play, therapeutic theater and working with the individuals or couples in the group, helps them go forward in their lives.

Mitchell has served or serves on the Advisory Boards of Beneveda Medical Healing Center in Beverly Hills, the Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy, NYC, The Source of Synergy Foundation, Vice-President of the Board of Directors of FIONS, NY (Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences), and the All-Faiths Seminary, NYC.

In the environmental and business worlds, Mitchell is on the Advisory Boards of the World Water Rescue Foundation in NYC and KLD Energy Technologies, Austin, Texas. He is also a consultant and partner in Eco-Opportunity Advisors, Inc., Washington, DC.

Mitchell is a published author, having written chapters in several books: The Code: Your Access to Fulfillment & Abundance for Everything In Life, Deeksha: Fire From Heaven and more recently, a re-publication of a book originally co-anthologized by Jack Canfield and Jacqueline Miller called Heart at Work. He is now at work completing his own book called Sacred Stewardship: Awakening the Soul to Action. This is largely about the human relationship to the planet, Gaia and eco-psychology & spirituality.  Mitchell writes for the Huffington Post, invited by its founder, Arianna Huffington.

vvvv-80x80 He also blogs periodically for Natural News and other publications, in addition to writing his own weekly A Better World Newsletter.

In 1993, Mitchell founded A Better World, a media and promotions company whose website is www.abetterworld.tv. Mitchell has been hosting and producing A Better World TV & Radio since 1993 and 2006 respectively.

Mitchell has founded a non-profit, 501 (c) 3, A Better World Foundation Unlimited, of which he is President and CEO.

mjr2 - CopyAll academic credentials aside, Mitchell’s greatest credential lies in his love, enjoyment and respect for life itself which he holds as sacred.  And his commitment to contributing to the creation of a socially just, spiritually fulfilling and meaningful society, through working with business leaders, individuals and couples in creating a new paradigm for leadership.

This and Mitchell’s love for people and planet–this is what comes across in his work.  Humor, joy and compassion for sure, with a light touch when needed, plus understanding coupled with a drive toward excellence and leadership, integrity and success in all aspects of life, business and personal are what marks and distinguishes Mitchell’s facilitation for success with his clients, students and audiences, from which so many have benefited.  By becoming more conscious, responsible people, we become empowered in all areas of our lives.