Personal & Corporate Client Services

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Business Consulting:

— Mediation and conflict resolution between partners, Officers & Board members, et al.

— Developing greater leadership, people, communication, “people” skills.

— Creative Consulting for taking new steps for business-building, marketing, reviewing potentials.

— How to integrate energy-efficiency/green/eco-friendly/zero-waste and team-building measures that are more profitable than business-as-usual. How to integrate principles of social enterprise of “doing well by doing good” and “people & planet before profit” generating multiple bottom-lines as a new, more profitable business model.

— Values Alignment & Priorities Activation.

— Communication coaching and communication in writing.

Personal Consulting:

— For Individuals, couples, families.  Engaging challenging conversations.

— Dealing with conflict, need of mediation, breakdown to breakthrough. Learning the tools and learning about emotion and the effects on the body relationships.

— Conscious Coupling & Conscious Uncoupling. (amicable parting: degrees of separation or divorce.)

— Move from miscommunication, mis-interpretation to understanding, resonance, joy, love and well-being. Non-violent & kindness communication skills engaged.

— Sex and intimacy issues.

— Envisioning, creating a future together. Or not?

Stress Management Consulting:

— Using a sophisticated, holistic bio-feedback technology, reducing excess stressors through the nervous system balances the stress in the body and mind. Much of the consulting and is corroborated by research in physiology and neuroscience.


Letter-writing is both an art and a psychology combined.  A well-written letter to Board members, shareholders or the public is a form of public relations, marketing, advertising and providing direction, leadership as well as conveying sensitive information in a responsible, thoughtful and careful way.  A well-drafted letter can save companies millions and sometimes help to save key relationships along with good verbal and non-verbal communication.  This is one of Mitchell’s skills available to clients.

Group Training

— Group training workshops are available in creative thinking/problem-solving using both hemispheres of the brain creating brain and heart coherence for corporations.

— Group training workshops available for cultivating good communication skills between management, staff, for organizations, engaging higher levels of teamwork, team play, cooperation and productivity.

— Group training is available in Stress Management and Stress Reduction, getting the body and mind both into the act of working with excess stress and letting it go.

— A Better World Workshops are currently available in NYC, Long Island and Chicago.  To bring Mitchell to your company or city, contact below.

To schedule, contact Mitchell Rabin directly at: 212 420-0800 or  Consultations may be done by phone, skype,in-office visit. In the case of corporate clients, on-site. In latter case, transportation time and expenses are factored into cost.

Communications are confidential.