Higher Brain Living

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Research shows that once the pre-frontal cortex is actively engaged, human potential comes a step closer to realization.  This is the most recent evolutionary development of our nervous system and what is said to distinguish our species from others.  

Activation of the pre-frontal cortex has been associated with the effects of meditation and other contemplative practices such as inner peace, centeredness, compassion, experiences of Oneness, well-being and a deep sense of connectedness to the fullness of life.  Many clients have reported that years of layered stress, emotional pain as well as physical has simply shed and was let go of, leaving a quiet, lovely radiance.

Higher Brain Living sessions seem to accelerate this process and inner experience as many who have gone through the 22 sessions have reported.

Mitchell is one of just a few and one of the first advanced facilitators in the NY area and offers sessions in downtown Manhattan as well as in Westport, Ct.

As a holistic psychotherapist, stress management consultant in practice in NYC and environs for many years, and with training in acupuncture, Mitchell’s facilitation of these sessions has been reported to be rich, healing and empowering.

For more information, call 212 420-0800.

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